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Hi, my name is Laura. Life has changed just a bit. I'm still a nutritionist and mama, but now I am living out in the NYC burbs with another bambino on the way very soon. Although my life may not be that different from other moms, I get a kick out of sharing all the hilarious, dramatic, emotional, joyful and tearful moments in my child's life and beyond....plus a lot of good stuff on feeding your little foodie and yourself! A healthy baby begins with a healthy and happy mama.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"My buns, they don't feel nothin' like steel."

"I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M's and like 3 pieces of licorice."  

Whenever I eat a lot of well, everything, I think of Cher's line from one of my favorite movies of all time...Clueless of course..."duh as if."  I have counseled countless moms over the years who are trying to get their life and weight under control.  One of the biggest complaints they have is the temptation to eat their children's food (which is often chicken fingers, fries, pizza, and pasta), and then eat their own meals...and then eat all day long in between. They feel helpless and clueless about how to regain self-control.  As Lola grows and my mommy knowledge matures along with her, I become a more well-rounded person.  I am constantly learning things about myself and about life in general.  Before Lola (B.L.), I didn't believe a damn thing anyone told me about raising kids!  I thought, "Oh yeah, when I have kids, that won't happen to me. So you're saying you haven't slept in how many months?  Yeah right, my baby will sleep just fine."  Ha!  I obviously had to learn the hard way.  That is a whole other topic for a whole other day.

B.L., I couldn't understand my mommy clients the way that I can now.  When I look back on my day today, I did all the things I had advised against including standing up while eating, eating while preparing Lola's meals, and eating while feeding her.  I have no clue what I ate today because I had no meals.  I didn't make my own healthy meal and sit down with a knife and fork and enjoy it.  THAT world seldom exists anymore when I'm home with Lola.  I worry about her and I neglect myself at times.  But let's be honest, isn't that a mom's job?   Actually, no.  The real key is to take care of BOTH of you.  

Days like today are fortunately becoming more rare for me as I try to be more conscious of my actions, but they do happen.  When I was first home with Lola in the beginning, I had no schedule.  I barely ate.  I was just trying to stay afloat.  Now, I eat all the time and too much at times when I am taking care of her all day.  Like most moms, I am looking for balance.  Ten months ago I couldn't even balance on two feet.  Now I try to achieve balance by working part-time to stay involved in my profession and keep my sanity.  I need to talk to adults because babies don't understand me and they don't care.  At times I feel like I am turning into a baby.  I went to pick Lola up off the floor the other morning before she could grab something sharp or dangerous, and I bumped my head on a table and literally started crying like a baby.  I stopped after she looked at me with a crinkled nose, and I blamed it on the pre-coffee ~6:30/7:00am when-Lola-wakes-up haze.        

I praise stay-at-home moms to the high heavens because it is the toughest job on earth, but I enjoy doing both (and I am lucky that my profession favors this type of lifestyle).  I try (keyword is TRY) to fit in yoga or a run in the park, and I try to practice what I preach with food.  I make time in my day for exercise and errands while my nanny watches Lola, and on the days I am with her, I still make time by going for long walks in Central Park or Strollercizing (awesome stroller classes in the park www.strollercize.com ).  But sometimes I do nothing.  That's ok too.    

"I feel like bailing, dude." 

"Dee, come on.  I know what you mean but at least it's exercise!"   

Now that Lola is crawling all over the place, I am beyond exhausted just from chasing her all day!  Yes, I count this as exercise.
Throughout my years of counseling clients on everything nutritional under the sun, I have found that most of us lack balance and inconsistency in our lives, and if we can just work on instilling or restoring balance, we will be an improved version of ourselves and a better role model for our children.  Whether you are a new mama or not, find something that helps you feel more balanced in your health.  Keep a food log in your phone or computer or an old-fashioned note pad, schedule a yoga or spin class in your calendar so it's like an appointment, cook a healthy meal, or get a massage.  This is not BS like it sounds.  I only write from experience.  One healthy or unhealthy activity leads to another.   If you work out in the morning, you will be more inclined to eat healthier throughout the day.  If you drink at a work lunch, you are more likely to eat a crappy dinner, not work-out, and count the minutes until your child goes to sleep so you can also pass out.    

I am not the "eat fish and steamed vegetables for two meals a day" and "work-out five or six times a week" type of nutritionist or person for that matter.  I'm more of  the "try to only eat Shake Shack two to three times a month instead of each week," and "drink a little less" (whatever that means in your situation :)).  I love food and wine, and I overdo it like everyone else at times.  I just try to be honest with myself and my clients.    

Be real with yourself and make some small changes. If you strive for some consistency in your crazy life, I promise you will feel better mentally and physically, or at least until the next time you start eating your kid's fries again.    

        Lola at Shake Shack....no Shack Burger for her yet!  

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  1. Laura~I love the blog~how inspirational~keep the great work up!!!!! Helena